Dog Park Proposal

Dog Park Proposal Update

After meeting with PARD in 2015, Friends of Brentwood Dogs decided to step back from the off-leash dog park project because PARD was not interested in supporting the idea. Without PARD's support and given the concerns of many neighbors, the group did not feel it would be productive to continue pursuing the project.

Dog Park Proposal Underway by Friends of Brentwood Dogs

Posted on April 30, 2015 by denman82

A group of Brentwood and Crestview neighbors have formed a committee to evaluate the possibility of getting a fenced off-leash park at Brentwood Park. A survey was conducted to gather information on the sentiment of the neighborhood for such an initiative. The results of survey are available and included here. A power point presentation has been developed to summarize the results, but we are making the raw data from the survey available as well. There was an overwhelming reaction to the survey, and over 750 people responded with hundreds of comments included. Generally, the survey results are in support of a fenced off-leash park at Brentwood Park. A lot of work remains to continue to evaluate the feasibility. The Off Leash Advisory Committee Guidelines for Off Leash Parks are being used as a guide. The next steps are to share the information with the neighborhood associations and Brentwood Elementary school to ensure opportunities for input. Other opportunities will be available for input of all residents. Please reach out to the committee, Friends of Brentwood Dogs, at with any questions or concerns.

Survey results:

Dog Park Presentation March 2015 (PDF)

Dog Park Presentation March 2015 (Powerpoint)

March 2015 Dog Park Survey – Raw Data (Excel spreadsheet)

Identifying information has been removed from survey data to protect respondents.